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Temple Kung Fu Returns to Northern Colorado!

Dashi Ream Returns to Teaching

After a severe spinal injury in 2013, not related to martial arts training, Dashi Ream was forced to close down his two schools in Fort Collins. 

"The road to recovery has been a difficult one, to say the least, but the lessons I learned in the decades of Kung Fu training I had before my injury have helped me beat the odds and return to a state of health many medical professionals didn't think possible," said Dashi in an interview.

"I'm ready to instruct again and follow the passion for teaching traditional Kung Fu in the time-honored way that has been my path for most of my life."

Small Groups = Great Training

"During my recovery, I've had ample opportunity to reflect on what worked and didn't when training new students. At this point, I prefer to keep things simple - not flashy. Part of this simplification is keeping class sizes small and focusing on working with small groups of no more than three students at a time. This ensures that each student receives the highest level of attention and has the best chance at attaining mastery of the art.

The downside to this approach is that it doesn't scale well. But then, the goal isn't to become wealthy teaching Kung Fu but rather to help people become their best.

I've converted the basement of my home into a studio for teaching private lessons. This is the way the art has been passed on for over 1500 years; the overcommercialization of martial arts in the US has led to substandard teaching."


How to Apply

If you're interested in studying with Dashi Ream, please note that we only accept 24 new students per quarter. This ensures that each student starts their Kung Fu journey, receiving the highest level of individual attention.

The primary method of instruction is through semi-private lessons of no more than three students per class on a specific day and time of the week that works for your schedule. We also meet as a group twice weekly to practice together and work on forms.

Registration for Q1 (January - March) is already filled, and we are now accepting new students for Q2 (2024), starting in April.

If you're interested in joining the waiting list, please message us by clicking the registration button below.

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