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Now you can enjoy training in person or in the privacy of your own home while learning at your own pace...


Free Training?

Learning Kung Fu may be one of the most rewarding challenges you'll ever experience.

This is because Temple Kung Fu takes a holistic approach to training that emphasizes training the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Our goal is that every interested person has the opportunity to learn Kung Fu, Free of Charge!

In modern times, martial arts instruction has become a big business that has, in many cases, lowered the overall quality of instructors and students. Many martial arts studios charge exorbitant fees, lock students into lengthy contracts, push students to test (for testing fees), and continuously promote new clubs, seminars, and special events to maintain positive cash flow.

In ancient times, a student was admitted to Kung Fu training based solely on the merits of their character, humility, and sincerity. Students who lacked these qualities were summarily dismissed.

Temple Kung Fu adheres to this tradition of excellence. As a result, our students and instructors are of the highest quality.

How are we funded? As a non-profit 501(c)(3), we do not solicit donations but they are accepted, and greatly appreciated. Although official ranking is not required, students wishing to attain an official rank in the Temple Kung Fu system may do so, for a nominal fee. 

Testing and Ranking

Formal testing in the Temple Kung Fu style is not required for advancement, but many chose to do so as a gauge of their understanding and a demonstration of their accomplishment.

The advent of a colored belt or sash system of grading is a modern adaptation. In ancient times, students were awarded titles such as younger brother/sister, older brother/sister, teacher, master, and grandmaster, depending on how long they had been training and the depth of their knowledge.


Often, martial arts training was limited to immediate family members (in the case of family styles) or to the temple priests and abbots (in the case of Shaolin and Taoist monasteries). Because of the small number of disciples at any given time, this system of seniority was preferred.

However, there are some advantages to a formal ranking system. Although the style we offer originates in a temple setting, our students are not required to join a monastery or practice a particular spiritual discipline.


Now that kung fu is an art that anyone can learn and there are thousands of students worldwide, a structured ranking system allows the immediate identification of one's seniority in the art. It also allows students to enjoy a structured progression that builds upon the knowledge they have acquired through their training.

Whether you choose to pursue an officially recognized rank in the Temple Kung Fu tradition or simply wish to enjoy the journey, you'll likely appreciate the structure that our colored sash system offers.