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Traditional training involves more than just learning self-defense; it is a holistic study of the mind, body, and spirit...


The practice of martial arts without an accompanying spiritual discipline leads to imbalance.


This predominantly western trend is one of the reasons why the practice of martial arts has mostly been reduced to brutal competition at the most basic level.

Despite taking advantage of modern technology to offer training to a variety of people who otherwise might not be able to participate, Temple Kung Fu retains the core spiritual disciplines that have been a part of our tradition for over 1500 years.

This includes philosophic discourses to stimulate the mind, meditation exercises to increase one's awareness, healing work to promote health and longevity, and energy work to encourage students to experience the deep sense of well-being that only accompanies a well-rounded training regime. 

It is important to note that the spiritual component of Temple Kung Fu training is not religious but rather aimed at the total integration of the whole person. 


The spiritual component of your training is directed towards your inner being and is guided by practical exercises that are experiential in nature.

Are you ready to begin your journey into the extraordinary world of Temple Kung Fu training?

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